“Decision is the spark that ignites action.

Until a decision is made nothing happens.”

Today is just one of those days...

After a Fab week in Turkey - where I dropped willingly into the present moment without hesitation or any DAMP over having to check my e-mails, doing my office homework etc etc. Just going with the flow of the Mediterranean flow!

The thing is that the "everyday" flow hits you like a wall when you get back - especially when you are as naive as little me and plan 3 full on Yoga Teacher Trainings in 3 different cities without blinking just like that...

Waking up this Monday was like moving my feet in a 10 ton block of cement - No FLOW there aight!

Thank GOD for close friends and soul mates! Meet N for the first time in months and months - but still it felt as though we never parted. It's like he knows me and I know him - better than we know ourselves! Interesting. For a minute I felt like crying - don't know if it was from over exhaustion, sadness that I haven't spent time with him in a long long time or pure happiness. Either way it felt GOOD!

He made my heart skip and beat in its PURE true rhythm again :)


Now - What do you need to decide?
Is there something in your heart that you have been wavering around, thinking you aren’t good enough, that you don’t have enough time, that you don’t have enough money.

What is it?
Make a decision...go for it and know that your decision will spark action and things will begin to happen...
Isn’t it time to decide?


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Anonymous said...

Sötnos. Ibland träffar dina ord mig som en hel jävla ångvält. Obehagligt nästan. Men visst fan är det dags att decide. Tack.