Hits Scandinavia!!!

After less than 48 hours I entered Landvetter again (Gbg Airport)!

Loaded with energy and inspiration from one week in Paradise I jumped into 3 FULL ON DAYS of Dynamic Yoga Teacher Trainings for the Nordic SATS instructors.

Gothenburg was first - and let me tell you - they rocked the room in their PINK YoGirl outfits :)

After a full day of training, educating and giving feedback I jumped into a cab, a plane, a train, a cab and finally a hotel bed in Oslo!

Tomorrow morning I'm meeting the Norwegian instructors at SATS Solliplass :)

The NIKE Dynamic YOGA class is a FUN, Simple (not Easy!!!!), Powerful class that I truly recomend!

If you want to try it check out offers at SATS who have the exclusive rights to the class this year!

I am also teaching the class here and there so if you want to try it with me let me know!

Of to bed now (ok I'm already in bed but I'm putting my silk eye pillow on my forehead in order to wind down - POM knows why hihihi - picking up my Fresh new book "A Path with a Heart" and then hopefully entering la la land within 30min :)


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Zelda said...

Härligt, Johanna !

När kommer Du till Stockholm ? ;)