Love me tender


Funny, as we were about to take our seats, I receive an sms: "You look good down there on row 2...". Turns out we were not the only toddler parents having called in baby-sitters to be able to go to the cinema this Sunday. Malin & Daniel also bribed theirs, to see "Flickan som lekte med elden".
What P and I got confirmed tonight, was that Robin is not ready to be left for a full day and a night just yet. He cried his way through the afternoon and didn´t stop until we were back, so I just canceled our trip to Stockholm next week. No Maxwell live at Berns, I´m afraid.

I thought about something when I was out on a (very heavy) lunchtime run today. This is a little something for those of you out there in a relationship.
Ask yourself this question: What makes your partner love you?
Make a list and then compare it to the actual answer/s. Does it match? Does it matter if it does? Is it the same qualities that were important when you started dating, or have priorities changed? Is it personality traits or learned skills or both that makes him/her certain that you are the One?

What I put on the list? Well, let´s just say that it didn´t include my cooking skills...


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