Alive in Djerba

It really is weird how I must be the only one who travel to an African country and manage to bring a stomach bug WITH me, instead of requiring one on arrival...
I woke up feeling much better this morning. With a cough like a "100/day"-(cigarettes that is)person and a sore tummy, but STABLE.

Yesterday disappeared in a flash, staying in my room for obvious reasons.
Today also rallied past, but because we did so much in one day.

We have been speed-sightseeing the island from 10am - 5pm. I have seen, smelt and ALMOST felt the heat of the sun, but right now, I´m actually more pale than when I arrived (traces after being sick and because I´ve been stuck in a car/a museum/mosque/etc, all day).

I DID it! Here´s my luggage!

To let you know that this week is all about work... Catarina, Wissem & Kattis discussing our October trip...

I tell you: The hotel is just as gorgeous as in the pictures. If not better!
This photograph was taken at 9.30am this morning...

I couldn´t even remember what greenery looked like after the winter we´ve had in Sweden this year... :)

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