I am the laundry queen

Taken from today's Göteborgs-Posten:

I am actually great when it comes to training clothes and I do have this weird laundry fetish... When I have finished off a huge pile of laundry, I have a weird sensation of calm inside. A bit similar to the feeling that I get after a really good cleaning session....hmmmm... HOW weird IS that? Does anybody else recognise that feeling??? Or is it just me?

Anyway, training clothes apart, when it comes to "normal" laundry,
I´m known to be too fast at times, so on numerous occasions I´ve had pink, grey and light blue items falling out of the washing machine. All which were white when they went in...

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p3te* said...

Well it looks like I've been doing 2 of those things wrong all this time (the adding fabric softener and using the drying room to dry my Dri-fit training gear)

So are you saying I should ignore the "do not tumble dry" label and just go for it? I always thought they'd melt from the heat?

I dont get to wash my training gear everyday thanks to the wonderful shared laundry in my apartment building, but I do rinse them out in the sink straight after class or when I get home in the evening...That helps hold them over 'til laundry day.

I agree, there's nothing like the satisfaction of a finished pile of laundry. :)

mojo said...

Pete: :)Yup, always tumble dry your dri-fit and it will definitely keep any smell at bay.

Some of the ladies wear dri-fit(when mixed with cotton) can be a bit more sensitive (it can shrink when tumble dried in too high temperature), but the guys´ stuff is more or less always synthetics only.

Glad to know I´m not the only one loving a good laundry! ;)


Jennie said...

En tom tvättkorg och fullt i träningsgarderoben ger lugn och harmoni, jag är med dej!
Vi ses snart, ska bra till till solen och ta igen mej först :)

mojo said...

Jennie: härligt att höra att andra känner likadant! :)
NJUT i solen, ha det underbart - ses när du är hemma igen!


Erika said...

Jag tvättar en gång i veckan, 40grader med sköljmedel och hängtorkar kläderna i torkrum.. Verkar som jag har mkt att lära! :)

Hoppas hinna till spinningen nästa onsdag!


Magnus said...

Hoho. Någon här? Har jag hamnat på siten tvättbjörn?

mojo said...

Erika: Har man inte problem med att kläderna luktar, kan man fortsätta det man gör. :)
KUL om vi ses på cykeln nästa vecka! :)

Magnus: :D Oj, vad du log när du skrev den kommentaren.... ;)


Magnus said...

Haha. Ja. I´m a sjuupernörd:) Brukar som sagt bli titulerad både Gårdenberg och Gärdsmark. Får man chansen att namnskoja då.. DÅ TAR MAN DEN:-)

kram Gärdsgård

mojo said...

Magnus: Enough said.