...and so did Tobbe!

...who rode ALL the 12h in a row in today's Spin of hope at Gymnasium, Sisjön.
You will fly through Kalmar's Ironman, Tobbe!

After a day´s work. 12h for Tobbe, 3h for me. :)

- Blingblinged from my iPhone


Tobias said...

Tja Mo!

Must admit that I am a teeny tiny bit sore basically all over...but what a ride! The Gymnasium crew rocks! The final 10 minutes of the ride home was awesome! Good to see and ride with you again!

However, the effort of keeping a spinner bike running for twelve hours is nothing compared to the stuggle the children and their parents and families go through when struck by cancer dicease. Let's hope our humble contribution to Barncancerfondens work will make a difference!

mojo said...

Tobbe: Lovely dovely to see you tonight!
...and well said, absolutely true.
Now, rest and recover tomorrow, maybe see you in Hot MOJO on Monday.