A room with a view

Gha.... I do LOVE my lamp but I detest being sick!

And right now this is al I have energy to look at :(

Feelt a fever coming up the last days in Sälen but I managed.

This morning it wasn't to bad but after a visit to my osteopath (spelling:?), a looping hardcore visit I feelt the fever blooming out :(

Had to cancel my lovely Hot yogan and yogaflow, and now I'm meditating the fever away so that I can teach my 4 classes tomorrow... Or what do you say:?

Stuborn - yes!
On the virge of Stupid - sometimes!
So hard to tellthe difference though...

Hopa you have flow loved ones!

- Jo flowing on The IPhone


p3te* said...

When you didnt make it to class today I was worried you might've broken something while skiing.

Glad to hear it's not that......serious?!??!???

Hope you hot tea and honey yourself better for tomorrow.

Jo said...

Oh sweet one!!!
No broken legs! And hoping to get to see u 2morrow :)

Andrea said...

Kan du yoga bort min förkylning med?