Photos from HKC at the weekend


As a part of my preparation for the main certification - the RKC in Copenhagen in May together with Pavel "the Macho Russian" Tsatsouline, I joined the HKC at the weekend. Professionally organized by Fredrik Högström, we spent a day together with Kenneth Jay and Dennis Frisch.

A bird´s view of the group

To get your certification you need to prove some strength. In the HKC that´s hanging with your chin over the bar for a minimum of 15 sec. I was prepared for 25 (because that´s what it said on the website) but certainly didn´t mind 10 seconds less. :)

I was SO cold for the main part of the day, with a runny nose and a terrible cough...but I DID wear colour! ;)

Kettlebell has really helped me fixing my poor ankle mobility

Getting graded at the end of the day. First: technique...

...and then in teaching skills...

Group photo!



Magnus said...

Du är verkligen en färgstark person. Bildligt talat:-)

mojo said...

Hahahaha, mmmm...
Jag hade tänkt att hålla låg profil.
Det gick ju sådär, när alla andra bar svart och jag hade klätt mig i alla regnbågens färger...:)