Work and play keeps the doctor away

Busy bee - that´s me.
Fab start of the day: a powerwalk in the warming sun along the beach:

God God, I´m pale!

.... I had THIS breakfast. Ask me if it was nice after being down and out with vinterkräksjukan...
...and then this for lunch...
Make a note: between breakfast and lunch we saw about 5 different function rooms, 2 hotels, decided where the welcoming and farewell dinner would take place, discussed prices and menues, met the Spa-manager, the function manager, etc etc... Not one singel minute in the sun!

The oriental treatment room at the GORGEOUS Spa. I booked a Berber massage in this very room for tonight... Again, make a note: AFTER visiting the beach club, the equestrian center, the casino, the bike center and one more hotel!
Let´s just say that the treatment was
VERY relaxing and just what was needed....

The Spa is 3.000 sqm(!) and sports this wonderful infinity pool amongst other things.
It runs both indoors and outdoors, contains sea water at 33 degrees and, after having tried it out: is just as nice as it looks....



Jennie said...

Åh, så härligt! Och dit ska jag i oktober :)

mojo said...

Jennie: det är såååå fint! Oktober kommer att bli riktigt, riktigt bra! :)