Baby I'm


At least I'm back on Mojo!
After 8 weeks on VR Rock Victorious blog I'm finaly home :)

Can't imagine the world without Mo, what a super trouper!!!
Love u girlfriend ;)

And I'm almost back home in Gbg as well, just 90 more min.

Spent the last 2,5 days in the south of Sweden with MOM and dear friends. Working, realxing, wining and dining :)

Love it down here!

Great convention at Gerdahallen where I got to spend time with gorgeous Richmond (what a vivid, radiant soulman :), Robert whom I'm getting to know better and better and the more I get to know him the more I love him :)
Wicked l, fierce Hot Momas Anna and Emma - talk about Energy!!!
Daniel from Activio, wow :) what a gent!!! Always very present! Love being around present people!

And not to mention my supa grandma ...

Also done many of my "coach" homeworks today + a short run in the very very windy sun :)

Is somebody picking me up at the centralstation in Gbg... Don't know... Will it feel like coming home? Don't know yet...
One of my weaknesses I guesse is that I never want to leave or quit doing something once I started...

What about you, are you a beginner or finisher:?

Love Jo

- Jo flowing on The IPhone


mojo said...

FAB to finally have you back HOME, darling JO!

Missed you loads.


Magnus said...

Känns liksom mer helt nu. Helt rätt:)