In the slopes after a windy start this morning!

It is truly magical up here but it's still not my 100% thing.

It might be my knee getting in my way, and i really don't wanna fuck it up more...

But it's not only that, it's also the fact that it takes 5min to get tithe top and 1min to go down.

Sure I meditate! BUT I also LOVE when things evolve, change, progress and has a purpouse!!! And for me right now NONE of the above are happening!

So why am I not in the bar chillin you might ask:?

Well, I DO love to chil! AFTER working hard and I don't get to do that here... So then naturally I don't enjoy chillin. Anyone feels the same? Or am I koko?

3 days in the Swedish Alps ;) are just enough for me!

Can't wait to play on my yogamat, go running, work hard and the play harder ;)

- Jo flowing on The IPhone


Anonymous said...

Babe! You have to go to some REAL slopes to be able to work hard skiing! Sälen is not enough for you.. ;) Imagine a slope where it takes more than hour or so to get up. Mmmm..!

Enjoy the sun, the great air and the company, lovely! Kram Å

Jo said...

Miss hot hot hot!!!
Åh saknar din shaking ass, började vänja mig vid att få hänga med dig ;)

nu sitter jag i sol baren istället! Så mycket bättre! Aktiva val is The shit ;)


Jenny said...

Not koko. Förstår PRECIS vad du menar!

Jo said...

Åh vad härligt att höra!!!