Time to go home

We´ll be leaving at 4am tonight/tomorrow morning. Ouch.
It´s time.
I allowed myself to go through my photograph library of Robin this morning and my heart ached. Physically. He is feeling better now and spent last night and today with grandma & grandpa.

At 8.15am this morning I recieved the following SMS:

"Yo Mum! I slept until midnight, got fed some formula and then sang the Finnish national anthem until 2am. After that I feel asleep on granpa´s belly, great eh??? Kisses"
How can I get home sooner? :)

The perfect beach for early powerwalks?

Kattis posing in the impressive SPA-shop. La Prairie. Say no more.

One part of the gym. MUCH better than most hotel gyms I´ve seen!

For the younger generation. After sun, after beach, after hours.


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