Not dead

Just tired of it ;)

Almost 10 days of 40degrees fever!

My loved ones tell me strictly NOT to exercies!
Well guys NO need to worry, after 5 min with a book I am exhausted!

Trying my 3rd penecelin thingie now, my tummy doesn't like it but let's hope the basiluskers like it less ;)

Going down south on Thursday where I get to spend time with the worlds greatest grandma, bro and mom jippi!!!

Thank you all for the LOVE you do send me, means so much to me!!!

Interesting: the year of 2010 is really a year of detox for me, first there was the NO SUGER detox and now I'm on the NO MOVEMENT detox - let's just say I liked the first one much much better!!!

What's next Universe :?

Love Jo

- Jo flowing on The IPhone


p3te* said...

Missing your magic
Get well soon :)

J said...

Usch trist att vara så sjuk så länge JO. Hoppas du snart kryar på dig!

Ha ha jaså hörde du att jag rockade? Det var ju sjysst! :) Ja där missade du något! ;) På vad rockade jag och vem fick man den härliga komplimang av?

Tack och Flow tillbaka!