Sweden´s first Hot MOJO studio...

...looks like this from the outside when it´s packed with 60 people...
I know the photograph is blurry, but it´s supposed to be.
The picture has been blurred to protect the innocent...

I was changed into black hot pants and a juicy little top, raring to go, but Robin had NO intention whatsoever to be left in kindergarten and therefore cried hysterically until I came to pick him up 5 minutes before the class was starting. Poor soul. Having kids definitely means handing over the decision power to someone else. Even if that "else" is only 8 months old. :)



Erika said...

Jag och mamma var och körde igår igen, lika underbart! =)

Ha en bra vecka!
Kram E

mojo said...

Erika: Vad härligt att höra! Bra att ni fick plats, hörde att det var helt tokigt med folk som ville in på den klassen... :)
Hoppas vi ses snart, ha en fin vecka!


p3te* said...

WOW! The new gym looks great. I think the wooden floor is a big improvement over the carpet you usually find in a heated yoga studio! ;)

Thanks too for your wonderful post on my yoga blog.
I can't wait to try Hot Mojo...and when I do, I'd love for it to be your class Monica.

(...I think it's the only way we'll finally get to meet up!)

mojo said...

Pete: Happy you like it! (...both the studio & the post)
Mondays 18.15 - just let me know when you want to come and sweat - email me on: monika@incycle.se
Looking forward to seeing you on the yoga mat SOON!


Helena said...

Impressive! SÅ COOLT! :D

mojo said...

Ser fram emot att ha med dig på en klass när du är tillbaks från Spanien! :))