And the day came when.....

She had enough and....

Arrggg Are you kiding me?!

Spent 6 hours waiting to get a final judgement from a doctor... And then the final judgement was:
- well it might be halsfluss or it might be körtelfeber, we cant tell right now. Start with these pilla and comeback back in a couple of days...

I now know that me and my body don't like kvpenin or whatever it is called so I got some speciall pencelin.

Or so I thougt...

After lying in bed, trying to get myself to go to the pharmacy I finaly made it out...

Queeing for 20min before my turn and then:
- ehm no there's nothing for you here, are you sure you need something?!


Al I want is waffels and tulips!!!!

No shanti today

- Jo flowing on The IPhone

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