International Women´s Day


This goes out to all the gorgeous women out there, mothers, sisters, friends, colleagues, lovers, neighbours.
This is a celebration to the strong, the succesful, the ambitious and the powerful, but also a celebration and dedication to women living in poverty, in oppression, in fear or despair.

This is also a special dedication to all the women out there living in a violent relationship. Whether physical or mental.

To the beautiful, passionate, energetic and alive souls out there, who over time has become more quiet, more withdrawn, changed the way you dress, the way you speak, the way you move, the people you see, the things you do, how you think and how you look at yourself.

It´s too easy to judge from the outside. To say, "It could never happen to me" and "It only happens to the weak".
If you´ve never been there, you don´t know. How could you?

How can you understand that it grows over time, that it starts with words, little innocent sentences, questions and demands, made out of "love" (or so you think). That the violence is not present then. That it doesn´t start with punching and kicking. But with threats, aggressive body language and abusive words.
And by the time the first throw happens, so much time have passed and so many things in your life has changed that you don´t recognise yourself. You´re a fraction of your normal, self-assured persona and you feel like the most lonely and smallest person on the planet.

If you don´t walk then, anything can happen.

I walked.

I´m forever grateful to my family and my upbringing for giving me the strength to realize the difference between right and wrong even at that impossible stage of my life when I was at my most vulnerable, a weak heap of self-doubt and lost dreams and although physically thousands of miles away from home, they gave me the power to walk.
To walk out and to never look back.



Anonymous said...

Tack för kloka, genomtänkta och känsloladdade ord Monika. Tack för att du använder några av dina gåvor (talets, förmågan att uttrycka dig) för att formulera det jag tror många kvinnor (alldeles för många!) skulle vilja ha möjlighet att formulera (och ibland SKRIKA!) ut själva. Du är en fantastisk förebild. Keep up the good work! Stor kram från Catrin

mojo said...

Tack Catrin.


K said...

Klassen i söndags var fantastisk för min kropp! Det var jättekul och skulle lätt kunna framkalla ett beroende hos mig.

Du skriver så klokt och rätt och det är modigt och fint att dela det. Tack för att jag fick läsa.

Keep going strong.

Stor kram från Karin

mojo said...

Tack Karin!
Jättekul att du kunde vara med på Hot MOJO i söndags!
JOJO får sin present på onsdag. :)