Venus vs Mars

If you ask a guy for 3 different things, which ones will he bring back home:?

1 Tullips
2 Waffels
3 FireWire cable

A) all three
B) None
C) hm the...

Pick your guesse, I'll put up the pic evidence 2morrow :)

- Jo flowing on The IPhone


mojo said...

My God, I hope for A´s sake it´s all 3... ;)
Get well SOON, darling JO.


alana da silva said...

venus 1
mars 0

i bet it was the firewire cable only.

ha ha ha... though i'm sure the dude in question is lovely anyway.


p3te* said...

Firewire cable if he's a geek
Waffels if he wants to share them with you
Tulips if he loves you

Jo said...

Hohoho I love u guys!

U truly make me smile :) and that's pretty much the first smile today!!!