Yesterday I felt no inspiration whatsoever.
I didn´t feel like training, I didn´t want to go anywhere, I didn´t want to meet anyone.
I just wanted to stay at home, hang with my family and watch great English TV over the internet.
So that´s what I did.

Today´s been different.
I started off with a sleep-in, since Robin decided that this was a good morning to sleep until 9. YES!

I had a brunchy breakfast consisting of tex-mex mince, boiled eggs and hot Earl Grey tea.
When P came back from his morning activity - which included getting up at 4.30am to go fishing at 5am, (yeah, yeah, I know) - I pushed through a Kettlebell session in the center of my living room floor.

I finally pulled myself together and did the 100 snatches. In 4min 20 seconds.
It wasn´t pretty, but hey, it´s not a beauty contest.

I had a much better flow the other day, when I did 50 - 50 (with about 1min rest inbetween) , because I felt more explosive then...but the important thing is to have enough 100 sessions in my body when I go to Copenhagen to feel assured that I can fly through the test.

Anyway, after KB-training, I met JO for coffee. She looked RADIANT, my beautiful partner, even if she´s not 100% recovered yet.
Tonight I´m teaching Hot MOJO at 17.30 and I´m having a bunch of friends joining the class, most of which don´t do yoga at all - coolio!

21.31 THANKS to ALL 65 individuals who joined the Hot MOJO class tonight!
Members, newbies, family, collegues and friends... You INSPIRE me!

What inspires you today?

My gorgeous P.
Finding his inspiration by the ocean this morning, long before decent people even dream about getting up.
Amazingly beautiful, though.


joakim said...

It my not be a pretty contest but they should be nice looking or they dont count ;) i had 7 no count on my last year

mojo said...

Joakim: Hey there!
Yeah, that´s what the next 8wks will be about...finely tune the timing, the numbers and the technique... :)


Magnus said...

Fin bild! Blev det något napp? kram M

mojo said...

Magnus: ...känsligt ämne, det där... :)
Nästa fråga? :))


joakim said...

haha jag är här ibland och kollar runt =) kul att läsa.
kör nu hårt du klarar det ;)

mojo said...

Joakim: Tack!
Än så länge känns det riktigt bra.. :)


Magnus said...

Haha.. ok.

Väldigt fin bild. Vi stannar där:)

Jag tycker ni ska ta en roadtrip förbi vårt sommarställe i sommar. Vi har väldigt fina gäddvatten runtomkring. Fika på fre! Kram

mojo said...

BRA idé gånger 2, Magnus!!! :)))

Ses fredag-toppenNICE!


Jennie said...

Inspiration för dagen är att känna våren, äntligen!
Vi ses snart!

mojo said...

Jennie: Visst är det HÄÄÄRLIGT???
Ja, nu var det alldeles för länge sen!!! :)