Running Snob


My 7k run tonight felt ridiculously great!
You know, it was one of those workouts when you sport a stupid smile throughout.

My running this spring is about comfort and consistency right now, since my real focus is on STRENGTH until June.
Therefore I rarely push it during my weekly runs and there is definitely no snot, drool or other unattractive bodily fluids leaving my body throughout my sessions.
I don´t care if people run past me.

Or, I should say: I don´t care if certain people run past me.
I even step out of my way for high tech sportswear-, lycra-, dri-fit-, the latest models of running shoes-, this season´s wind jackets, proper running socks- and POLAR/Garmin/NIKE Sportsband-wearers...

What I do not tolerate - and let me admit it straight away: I AM A RUNNING SNOB (and do not mix this up with being elitist. I consider everybody who runs to be a runner)- is when I am overtaken by a cotton T-shirt-/washed out baggy cotton pants-/football shorts from the 19th century-/old indoor bandy shoe-wearer.

Then and only then, my fiery, competitive spirit awakens and I push and push and push until I´m next to, and then past this unworthy human being.

It´s like all my gadgets, all my wiring - (hello! HOW MUCH technology can one wear for a run??? Polar watch, heart rate chest strap, foot pod, iPod player, headphones, NIKE+, NIKE+ Sportsband...), my expensive clothing and this season´s shoes, just HAVE to make me a better runner than "them"!

Because if that is not the case, I am no better than the ridiculous case of a person at the top of the ski slopes who FALLS out of the chair lift, tangled into everybody else´s equipment, wearing the most expensive gear, with all the right labels, but who just ends up on his designer dressed butt over and over again, with no idea how to ski.....and that would just be so, so sad, wouldn´t it?


Tobias said...

Geeeez! I obviously got off the hook easy after my unforgivable mistake of wearing long, white tubsockar on one of your spinning classes not too long ago...


However, deep in a dark corner of my mind I'm making an inventory of old t-shirts and mjukisbyxor with holes in them to wear on a run in the near future....when and where are you running the next time? Mooooaoaoahahaha ;-D Up for the chsllenge? Maybe into that snot&drool zone of running? haha

See you tomorrow!


mojo said...

that would amuse you, wouldn´t it, Tobbe???? :)

Looking forward to seeing you in class(es) tomorrow!!!


susanita said...

Oki, det här är humor, kan inte låta bli att dra på smilbanden. Underbart inlägg!

Kramar o lycka till i spåret att springa ifatt och om de "out of fashion". (Erkänner motvilligt att jag skulle bli omsprungen, då jag har way to old-runningclothing (iaf över året gamla) ;D

Ha en superb vecka, underbara du!

mojo said...

Sus: :))) Tack, finingen!
TUR för mig att det inte händer för ofta...då hade jag varit way out of my comfort zone HELA tiden i löpspåret...:)

(...och jag VET utan att veta, att det finns ingen chans på jorden att du har "gamla", slitna bomulls t-shirts när du springer..)

Ha en underbar vecka, du med!


p3te* said...

..does this mean you're training for the Varvet this year?

I totally agree, I hate to be passed by anybody when running and the Nike+ sports kit makes running so much more interesting.

Check me out in my fluorescent yellow running top the next time you're out there in Slottskogen, (it makes a change from all black!)

mojo said...

Pete: I will definitely look for you in Slottskogen next time I´m out!
Make sure you shout my name really loud if you see me, wearing headphones seems to mess up my hearing real bad... :)

No, I don´t plan to do Varvet again this year, since I´m doing my Kettlebell thingie the weekend after.

Next year though, running will be high up on my agenda!

WHEN are you coming to Hot MOJO-class??? :))


Erika said...

Haha, spot on! =) Även om jag har svårt för alla som springer om mig, om det inte är "Musse" klass på personen...

Hade tänkt komma på spinningen idag, men var fullt igår kväll... Får bli hotyoga ist men det kan nog min kropp behöva efter 50min kettlebell med Matthew igår! (har inte gett upp än ;))

Kram E

mojo said...

:))) Vi kanske skulle ge oss ut på en tur tillsammans någon gång!
Åhh, det vore toppen att ha dig med på spinningen, så om du ändrar dig under dagen finns det med all säkerhet en cykel kvar åt dig... ;)
Ha en underbar eftermiddag i solen!