Shiva Rea

In lower east side today!
A ful day was booked with this long time guru of mine :) first I had no idea she was gonna be in NYC !!!

It was a day of Agni, 108 ( many of you can guesse what this means...) Rasa - which means liquid or body fluids ( yeup there was slot of roling around on top of eachoter... Say no more ;) and trance dance!

To tired to give you all the details now but here is a pick of the venue - wicked!!!

Tomorrow I'm back at jivamukti with uma's brother for breakfast them some gravity surfing at Kula! Any suggestions as in what to do inbetween?

Prana Shakti bhakti rasa to you all

Shanti Jo

- Jo flowing on The IPhone

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Anonymous said...

Kungliga dagar du har i världens bästa stad!
Mjao /katten