Sunny madness


There is a stress connected to beautiful weather in Sweden.
I guess that´s what happens in a country where you freeze your a** off most of the time, (or get your nice shoes drowned in muddy rain water).

As soon as the sun pokes its pretty little head out, EVERYONE rushes outdoors to embrace the light, the warmth and the unbelievable fact that you can have a coffee outside without coming back inside with pnemonia.

Yesterday I was laughing at the fact that we had an Iced Latte (42SEK), a Cappuccino (35SEK) and a (very ordinary) sandwich (75SEK) at Da Matteo Vallgatan - for which we paid 152SEK, to sit by a parking lot, on a wobbly wooden chair, with our backs to the concrete wall, staring at...parked cars?

Yes, the nicest coffee in the city, but hey: 152 SEK???
And yet, we will most probably do it again, because that parking lot IS a sun trap, no wind, just gushing, hot SUN and what could be more important this time of year? Mad.



Magnus said...

Don´t pay. Run!
/Da Matteo


;) kram M

Andrea said...

Det är en galen tid just nu. Själv vandrade jag gata upp och ner i 20 min för att hitta en plats i solen under lunchen så jag antar att jag är galen jag med :)

mojo said...

Magnus: Hahahaha, spot on!

Andrea: Visst är det??? Men, vi bjuder på det, eller hur? Sol i hjärtat, sol i sinnet.... :)