In Love with Lifting

Had a great session with Martin today.
Some people have been surprised when I tell them I have a personal trainer. "You? You don´t need a PT, do you???"

My opinion: You want to be the best at your game? Then you can never, ever stand still. You need to be in constant motion and always develop, always learn new tricks. Always be curious. That´s what will keep you on top, whether your profession is fitness/accounting/fishing or web design.

Sister was babysitting, so I could keep full focus on what I was doing. It was great AND I was frustrated. It was one of those sessions when I really got it highlighted to me (again) what my weaknesses are.
(My lower trapz+rhomboids, for example...)
It´s slowly getting better, though, and I´m finally starting to build some muscle mass in the area between my shoulderblades that used to be DEAD before.

It´s a shame most women are afraid to lift heavy weights. If they weren´t, so many of them would:
1. Reach their training goals faster.
2. Feel even more motivated to train - and train HARDER.
3. Look absolutely fantastic. I´m not thinking esteticaly here, I´m thinking about the empowerment it gives you to know that you are STRONG -you walk differently, stand differently and are not afraid to demand more SPACE.

I´ve fallen in ♥ with Olympic weightlifting.
So there.


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