Starbucks kisses

Amazing start with coffee and girl talk this morning before my JIVAMUKTI class :)

Strolling down 5th avenue, landed on a bench in the sun in SOHO, a quick stop at STARBUCKS now for coffee (not the best on this island but I needed the internet) and some comp work - looking for a place to stay on the 16th-25th of April since the person I was supposed to stay with changed her mind :) LOVE my YOGA practice - it makes me strong and soft at the same time :)

Now of to KULA for a class with the GRAVITY surfer Ragunath and IF I'm still alive after that session I might take class with the owner - SCHYLER :) Yummy flow!

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"oroshjärta" said...

KuNgLiGa dAgAr! MjAo/KaTtEn