Hidden talent

Mine is the yellow one


I have to admit that getting a NIKE+ Sportsband has helped my spring running. I joined the "Around The World in 40 days Challenge" and that was it. Now I´m obsessed with logging my k´s onto my nikeplus-account.
I almost freaked out earlier when at first, the site refused to recognize today´s run. Restarting my computer solved that problem and I feel happy with being in place 151 (of almost 900 runners) when half the challenge has passed.

Eyjafjallajökull - that´s a handful to spell.
And who would even care to learn how to spell it if it wasn´t for the hidden talent of this volcano to stop half of Europe in its tracks?

Can I just ask one question? Aren´t there volcano eruptions all the time around the world?
I remember visiting Sicily a few years back when Etna had just had a huge eruption just a few days earlier. Was there any airports shut down then in southern Europe? Er, no.
Have you ever heard about airports being shut down because of volcano eruptions before?
Not that I´m volunteering to be aboard the first Boeing to defy the air travel lockdown.
Just wondering.

21.58. Just learned that the volcano needs to be underneath a glacier, to be able to cause the havoc above. Well, you learn something new every day.


p3te* said...

I have the original red/black Nike+ Amp watch, and it beats having to search around for my iPod center button to hear my speed+time...totally recommended!

I just joined the challenge too...position #125!

...Let's see who can log the most kilometers by May 22nd when the Varvet starts! :P

I'm "DISASTERarea"...add me!

mojo said...

Hey, Pete: Mmmmmmm...that sounds interesting...I´ll check that out.

...and I´ve just added you! - even if you have logged more k´s than me... :))


Anonymous said...

Eruptions? Yes, but the chemical 'composition' of the stuffs within are different when tectonical plates sliding on magma have different background.

Normally an airplane have to fly around or above eruptions. In this case it's not possible.

What you got in this case are chemicals that acts as if you had smashed glass sizes from 1 my up to a bottle being inhaled into the engine. That's not good. It's dangerous.

Erika said...

Jag var också ute på en runda i Slottskogen igår, såg dig dock inte... Kan iofs ha att göra med att jag hade en keps långt nerdragen och inte ägnade så mkt uppmärksamhet på omgivningen... :) Och hade du passerat mig så hade varit lite ok eftersom jag vet att du följer löpardresscoden... ;)

Ha en bra vecka!!
Kram kram

mojo said...

Norah: Thanks for clarifying. :)
Impressive blog!

Erika: Åh, jag var ute runt 15.30-tiden och är HELT säker på att jag INTE passerade dig (isf tvärtom). Hade fortfarande sån träningsvärk från i fredags, så tempot var lugnt+att jag skulle ta en "genväg" som visade sig innehålla lervälling=rätt dresscode, men med LERIGA skor... :D

Ska hålla utkik efter dig nästa gång!