One flew over the ko-ko-nest

Ah what e feeling! Finaly a little less fever :)


And I'm in Skane - the land of Love!
Good thing I'm here cause I was starting to go slightly crazy, koko, speedylee, maniac.... To the line where I could no longer hide it from my "new" loved ones so it's a good thing I escaped to homeland where I can let her out and still seem relatively sane!

Everything is relative right!
I mean just picture MOM screaming at her art scholors
- No!!!! Don't kill the fly, I won't live that long if you do!!!

Explaining it with: I got a horoscope from Dalai Lama saying I should save little animals or I'll be reborn as one!

Of course! Eh....

Also - Mom loves Easter cause al you need is some yellow and purple and she likes those colours anyway....

Happy Easter loved ones

- Jo flowing on The IPhone

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Zelda said...

Oh, Johanna, jag kan bli så avundsjuk när jag läser om Din idyll-tillvaro Down There, med en mamma som verkar mer magisk än Harry Potter, o samtidigt jordnära o välgrundad. Njut o var tacksam!

Glad Påsk, fina Du.