Let the weekend begin

After my lifting session I was off to meet fab Åsa. We haven't known each other for that long, but damn, I LIKE this woman. She's my kinda cat: driven, kind, gorgeous (inside and out) with a crazy sense of humour.
Meeting up with her always gives a great energy boost - NICE.

Later in the afternoon I met up with my significant other, darling JOJO and we tried to have an adult conversation whilst over-riding Robin´s "I´m bored stiff-let me out of this damn pram!"-wailing...

As sent from above a friend of JO´s walked past during our fika. He is the hair wiz from Paradise. I mean, really. Things this man don´t know about hair is not worth knowing.
He takes one look at my head and goes: "Your hair looks great!"
Me again: "HELP, I have a hair chrisis!"

In 2 minutes, the hair wiz tells me exactly what I should be doing with my hairstyle (not much, a razor - thin it out, keep more or less the same length), WHOHA - free hair advice from one of the most influential hair stylists in Scandinavia - and do you know what, dear MOJO-readers: Your taste is impecable.
Short is the way to stay.

Have a nice VALBORG :)

Åsa and I outside Deli & Friends. Picture taken by passerby (who first managed to film us instead of taking our picture. VERY funny film which just needed to be erased....)

- blinged from my iPhone


Andrea said...

Ja jag hade ju det som mål för 2010 men nu kanske jag kan sätta ribban till 15 (?)
Det är ju så mycket roligare att jobba mot ett mål!!
Trevlig helg!

mojo said...

Du kommer flyga igenom 15reps innan september - tror att du behöver 20reps som mål till jul för att det ska kunna vara en utmaning för dig starka kvinna!... ;)

Ha en fin Valborg!