Arty Easter

Just back in GBG after lovely days in the south!

Spending time with the people you love gotta be on the top of the list of life energy rigth:?

First a day with just momy and me, then adding Bro to complete the trio! And when you thought things couldn't get any better the Amazing AndyK and Grandma showed up :)

Spent our days talking, eating, visiting the KonstRundan - over 200 artists open up their homes/studios during 10 days so thattje public get to see their works and talk to them.

First you go to the big collection where every artist gets to show one piece. You pick the ones you like and then you're off...

We have to set a limit of 2-3 artists per person otherwise you have to travel for days and days!

Luckilly we kinda liked the same artists :)
Here Mom showing us how to REALLY look at art ;)

This week will be preparations for NYC and focus on getting Really well!

Love Jo

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