The Body Is My Temple, Asanas Are My Prayers

This AMAZES me in so many ways...

Part of me is thinking - REALLY - doesn't look so good... Wow, why does hi throw his legs into lotus, aren't you supposed to do it slowly with the breath?! etc etc, there are many things I can comment on where my mind goes, hm,,, WHY do I even practice YOGA if this is THE MASTER of it...?!

And then...
There the other part of me - the part that I can't explain, it is not my mind, it is a feeling, of awe, like everything STOPS! I become still, my breath goes deeper, softer, flows without effort - a feeling I know, I call it smooth FLOW. Doing LESS, feeling more. It just FEELS right.

Where every you stand - I wish youFLOW in the form and way that makes you feel alive, present and grateful!

MAKE this day Count !


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