The good, the bad and the crazy

What a DAY!

It´s been good (work) and bad (traffic jams and SLOW moving traffic all over) and crazy (not enough hours in a day) - all at the same time.

Is it just me, or does everyone seem to have a super-busy time right now?

I LOVE my PT-clients! They are such fab, hardworking people. I can´t wait to welcome them at MyrbergBjörn instead of having them driving all over the city.

It´s starting to come together. The planning of the studio that is.

Next week we´re off to the printers to make invitations, schedules, price lists + the December schedule and stuff.

You´ll be able to come and play 6-23 December for 595SEK ONLY
(or 100SEK/class).
The full December Schedule will soon be revealed.
We want you to check us out in full force before you make the decision to join us come January 2011... :)

Mark Sunday 12 December in your calendars now,
there´ll be an Open house 12.00-16.00 with GLÖGG and PEPPARKAKOR for anyone who wants to stop by, say hello and have a look around.


Helena said...

Åh....spännande! Ännu en anledning till att åka ner på Fitnessfestivalen... Alla dess beslut... :)

mojo said...

Hur mysigt vore inte det??? :))


Erika said...

Längtar till December!!
Ska bli så spännande!

Ni kommer garanterat att få se mig där mkt, och inte bara i December! :)

Ses 17.30!
Kram Kram

mojo said...

Erika: Jaaaa! Can´t wait!
Ses 17.30 - då blir det åka av... :)