AWOL - for sure

Sorry for going AWOL.
It´s been a hectic day and I have been quite unstructured, or at least that´s what it feels like...

Working a bunch of projects at the same time is mostly very rewarding, but now and again you will get to a point where it´s just a tad confusing. You have so many different paths to choose from that you can´t see the road for all the gravel (a saying that I just decided to make up, BTW).

The work pile hardly even moved after a full day´s dedication - not a good feeling.

What WAS good though:

* Seeing darling JO after 2 weeks apart.
* Training my private clients (amazing women!).
* Setting the spring schedule for MyrbergBjörn.
* Picking up Robin from grandma´s and grandpa´s.

Tomorrow´s a new day! :)

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