SUPERMAN p(l)ays a visit


Famous friends.
Darling JOJO & SUPERMAN paid a visit in tonight´s marathon: Spinning, Kettlebell & Hot MOJO.
What an honour to get the enormous pleasure to kick this talented man´s tight butt!

After having spent 90min more or less just WATCHING his awe-inspiring Multi-Intenso class 2 years ago in NY (think 10 handstands before the 30min mark...), I was thrilled to invite David to my triple.
True grandeur equals humbleness, that´s why David is one of the greatest in my opinion.
Tomorrow, he will have his "revenge" as I sweat it out on the yoga mat.

Except from teaching,
JO and I have filmed and bagged the second MOJO Yoga series - and man, does it FLY?! Whoppa!
MOJO Yogis out there - you will have a gorgeous spring sequence to look forward to - one that your spine will fall in LOVE with...


Erika said...

True inspiration to be standing next to you guys in class yesterday!
My most focused class ever!

Even enjoyed the pigeon position! ;)


Martina said...

Är SÅ NYFIKEN på vårens Mojo!! När anländer den till Växjö??


mojo said...

Underbart att ha dig med på klasserna, Erika, både ikväll och i måndags!

Martina: mitten av december! Be prepared.... :)