Is now over for this year!
I know it will be back!

Thank you ALL of you amazing people how showed up for the weekend workshop, took the private sessions and the classes.
YOU inspire me :)

It has been an amazing week!

When David first contacted me I was in Djerba and I knew that I had LOADS of work to do in Nov, and that arranging a workshop wasn't part of the plan.
But the I couldn't resist it - letting my fellow yogis taste SUPERMANS practice - a practice that inspires me soo much that I fly al the way to NYC to get some of it.

And thank you SPORTLIFE for being such a COOL gym to let us practice and play there!
I love SPORTLIFE cause they are always fast and on when it comes to doing NEW stuff! That is part of the secret to SUCCESS!

I know that David and Lya enjoyed Gothenburg and that they can't wait to come back - a lot thanks to YOU guys!!!

My 2 SUPERMEN together - doe's it get any better ;)

David is such a humble teacher - he can teach anyone - and sees THE PERSON and helped him/her to pour magic into their postures! I love watching the transformation happen as I got to sit next to him on many of his private sessions!

Thursday night we were invited to the KONSERTHUSET by Karin! WOW!!!

After the concert we got to meet GUSTAVO DUDAMEL himself - he said that he would LOVE to play around with Yoga someday :) To me he is a natural YOGI!

After the concert we went to FAMILJEN and ate ELK :) YUM YUM YUM!!!!

After 5 classes with Superman my body felt like it was opening up from the INSIDE - amazing feeling!

What better way to round up the weekend than with SNOW and Liseberg :)

This week is full of teaching Privates, classes, a new PT session - Exciting!!! Studying the new BB as I am teaching it in Halmstad and Malmö the coming weekend!

And yes - just looked at venues for YOGA GAMES 2011!

Wat do you prefer in June?!





Help Us!!!!



soffan said...

Åh, jag ser fram emot kvartalen i Malmö på söndag!! See ya there Jo :).

Emma R said...

Är SÅ TACKSAM att du sprängde ditt tighta schema och fixade denna helgen -David och Lya var ju grymt duktiga, jag har fått superbra assisteringar och en hel del yogainspiration, alltid underbart!! :D :) :D

Jessica Ax. said...

TACK till Dig, David och Lya och alla fantastiska yogisar för den här fantastiska helgen! Känner mig öppen inifrån och ut, helt underbart! Är grymt inspirerad, informerad och tacksam ;)Ses säkert snart igen :) KRAMAR!

Anonymous said...

Hälsa de två underbara varelserna att de måste komma tillbaka SNART igen! Fantastiskt! Tack Jo! Kram från Catrin

mojo said...

Soffan - Så kul att få komma ner till värmen i söder ;)

Emma, Jessica, Catrin - Impad av er under helgen! Fantastiskt att ni var där och var så öppna :)

SNART igen - jag längtar oxå!!!

Tills dess får vi multi Intensa här hemma :)


soffan said...

Hahaha, jamenvisstsirru, välkommen ner till den goa värmen :) .