Getting my MOJO back

First of all: a girl who likes her shopping stayed in front of her computer at 8am sharp.
It didn't really fly though, since the H&M virtual shop was crowded to the brim for the rest of the morning/day.
Grrrrr... Good marketing or not, it doesn´t go down well with me when you either have to queue in the cold outside your local H&M for hours, or hit the F5 button about 1.000 times in an hour and still not be able to spend your hard earned cash on the dress you´ve been drooling over.

Imagine my surprise, when I several hours later, visited a H&M shop to buy Robin new socks and found 1 of THE dresses almost in my size!
What a relief, because live it didn´t look anything like in the picture...

This, according to me, is the problem with haute couture designers doing clothes for normal people:

1. The materials are not even close to what they normally work with which makes the items look...well, not that expensive OR well made.
2. The clothes shown in the promotion movies are usually made with the real deal, which increases your expectations immensly.
3. Haute Couture designs are not made to be "compromised".

It happened with the Cavalli-collection, to the Jimmy Choo-collection and very much this time, with the Lanvin-collection. I´d rather buy normal H&M gear any day, actually.

In the evening I spent 90 minutes getting my MOJO back!
An hour and a half with Mr. Multi-Intenso, ass-kicked my joy and playfulness for yoga into shape. Just what the doctor ordered.
Thank you David and thank you JO for setting it up.

Said dress.
Mr. Multi-Intenso.

Christine & JO after class. Shining!

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