Chaotic order

A day of chaos.
Good chaos in the morning - less good chaos in the afternoon.
Did PR in squats this morning and pushed 72.5kg on the bar. With more to give. YES!
Consistent work for 11 months is starting to pay off - and that´s on ONE good quality session a week! Imagine what could be done if I could squeeze only one more good lifting session into my schedule...?

The afternoon caused havoc in my work department. One of my projects seems to live a life of its own-and not in a good way. It will take some thinking through tonight to make some kind of decision to either hold on or to let go. Should I cut my losses now and loose what I have already put in, or should I stay and hopefully at least get my (financial) investment back?
Difficult decision.

In the evening, I decided to dedicate the energy of tonight´s spinning class to B. It happened quite spontaneously and wasn´t planned.

B is a true regular of mine. I´ve seen him for 2h every week for the last 4 years or so.

I know what he works with, I know his wife, I´ve followed the career of his kids, I´ve heard about their holidays, and I´ve seen him push and work and grow and sweat and passionately GIVE and exert himself week after week, month after month, year after year.

Hell, you know some of your clients for a lot longer than the life expectancy of the average marriage and you see them more often and more regularly than you hook up with most of your friends and even some of your family members!
No wonder you get shaken when something bad happens to one of them.

On Sunday, B passed out - at home in his garden - and was rushed to hospital.
Turns out he carries a very unwanted, horrible visitor. A malignant brain tumour that needs immediate removal.
I spoke to him on the phone earlier today to wish him well before his surgery.

B - my thoughts go out to you and your family. Come back soon.
Your bike and your bell will be waiting for you.

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