Is this for REAL?!

Is this really TRUE?!

Is it happening?!

Got many pics like this in a chain e-mail - I DO HOPE that the info in the e-mail is INCORRECT?!
Do you know?!
Have you seen it?!

Things like THESE make me shiver and at the same time I become very angry + SCEPTIC - is this for real or am I only seeing one side of the picture? Perhaps it's a RESCUE going on...?!

Am I stupid? Or do you have the same "glasses" on as me when you get this kind of info?!

Hmm?! Jo


Anonymous said...

Se The Cove.
Gråt. Förfäras. Och agera!

Magnus said...

Instämmer med föregående- se filmen The Cove, gick på svt häromveckan. Den handlar om slakt av delfiner i en liten vik/bukt i Japan. Vet inte dock inte om bilden stämmer, den är inte från filmen iaf, där är det ännu värre(!).

mojo said...

I will definitely watch it when I come back next week...even if I get upset just thinking about it....


Ps. Maybe we should watch it together Jo?

mojo said...


Ja Mo - den får vi se ihop - jag klarar det inte själv, ryser redan nu!!!

TACK för att ni har ögonen öppna!!!


Penny Auction said...

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mojo said...

Penny - so great to hear that a post like this travels further!

I'm still preparing to be able to see the Cove...