When in...

First of all, this is the second time this week someone has recommended "The Cove".
I´m not sure I can watch it. I feel sick to the pit of my stomach when I see documentaries like that.
I am the woman who refused to visit Sea World (because I could never forget the documentary I watched in my teens about dolphins trying to commit suicide when kept captured) when I went to Florida on a paid for holiday with my then partner and his family.
We almost broke up about it (which I SHOULD have done. It would have saved me from a LOT of hassle and horror later on...).

Anyway, I will watch "The Cove", but first I got to go and come back.

My wonderful, beautiful, amazing mother is 70 next week and we´re taking her and my dad on a surprise city trip Thursday-Sunday. I think they still think we´re going to Denmark, when in fact we´re flying them to a place with lots of old stuff laying around, fabulous food, adorable wine, freakinly good shopping and the best coffee in the world.

I don´t really have the time to be away, but I´ll tell you something: It will be bl...dy fantastic to go away, re-charge, re-set and then: Rush for the finish line of 2010! Yiiiihaaaaa!

Keep well and strong whilst I´m gone, will you?

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