That's right. In Amsterdam.
Luckily with my dear friend Matthew, although he hasn't seen too much of me for the last hour or so, since I've been cleaning.
No, not the airport, but my inbox.
I need a course in inbox management. I'm good for about 2 weeks and then I get terrible again.
How many emails do you have in your inbox? Just so I can get a grip about what's sort of normal...? I've read all mine and I've answered them all. And they total around...well...many. AND I have folders! Help!

It's a bit like my kitchen table, but that's tidy for about 5 seconds and then I have papers, reciepts, calendars, pens and other necessary stuff all over the place. That WILL change now though, as I get MyrbergBjorn up and going (with my office OUT of the house).

We arrive in Bucharest around midnight and will probably reach the hotel around 1am.
I get picked up at 8am in the morning to teach 2 out of 3 classes during the day.
My job is all but glamourous, that's for sure. Phew.


Torbjörn said...

Vi själva hann precis till flighten till NY. Tyvärr var ju bagaget inte incheckat, så då fick vi inte åka med :( Vi blev ombokade till Paris för sedan vidare till NY. Framme vid hotellet 0500 svensk tid. JÄKLIGT LÅNG DAG. /Tobbe

mojo said...

Ja, det var en TUFF dag!
Hoppas resten av vistelsen var bättre!