Storm in a teacup

The days are disappearing...well, not like sand in a time glass, more like a sandstorm in a tea cup...or something...

Had another great day, which started with me PUSHING myself out the door to go for an early morning run. It was extremely difficult to get myself out of bed to put on my running gear, but fortunately the weather gods were on their brightest mood today and offered a stunningly clear and sunny Gothenburg morning.

Had a lovely meeting with CC, who wanted to discuss entrepreneurship and how to put all those wild, beautiful ideas into action. CC - I am extremely flattered and humbled that you want feedback and input.
I am also absolutely convinced that we will hear/read/see more of this talented woman in the future.

Spent the rest of my working day with Christine, trying to get our heads around BABS, standing orders, cashiers, contracts, schedules, routines, etc etc. Let´s just say there´s more to these bits and pieces than meets the eye and it´s VERY time consuming. Not so much because of us - we are actually incredibly effective - but due to chasing bank people, telecom people, and other loose ends all over the place.

We did get a lot done though, and most importantly, we had serious fun whilst doing it.

Life´s too short to sweat the small stuff.

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