Entrepreneur of the year

... Is....

Hm don't know yet!

One of our dearest friends invited us to this. A told me to "drop by"... So i did!

The thing out friend didn't tell us was that it was champagne, 3 course dinner, gala dresscode!

But hey, why not!
Meet many of my clients here, and perhaps some soon to be.
Entrepreneurship is very exciting to me. Had a very interesting meeting with Mo and lovely Alana earlier today... So maybe it is MOJO up there next year:?!

At the moment I'm crossing my fingers for this man:

Jarno - founder of Nelly.com

Also a great yogi ;)

Hope your Monday is Gala extraordinary ;)

Love Jo

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)

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mojo said...

TACK för ett ass kickin´ möte idag, partner!