Those were the days - or - my life as an aerobics groupie

Packing my bags. Again.
This time I´m off to Romania. Bucharest to be exact.

I´m teaching spinning and a Functional Training class at the World Class Romania Event.

It´ll be a fab weekend I´m sure.
The event is hosted by one of my oldest "fitness" friends, Richmond Bachia.
We´ve known each other since -95.

Also teaching at the event is an even older acquaintance of mine - the man who is solely responsible for me taking my first trembling steps into the fitness industry:
Tonkins Anderson.
He was one of the VERY first American guest instructors to come to Sweden and he was for sure the first to teach dance aerobics in Gothenburg. He stayed here for about 4-5 years.
We´re talking -89ish. Can you imagine? Were you even born in -89???

I was there. 3-4 times per week. I had MY spot (which, by the way, I would KILL for).
And if Tonkins was sick, I would stare with hostility at the sub with a gaze that said: "...sooooo...who are you and what do you think YOU could teach us?" Man, those were the times.
Tonkins used to get incredibly pissed off if someone didn´t get his choreography.
He was famous for saying things like: "Honey, if you don´t know your left from your right, the door is right behind you". And yes, it was not only hearsay.

Lucky for me, I take choreography fairly well, so I managed to stay out of the evil eye for the 3 years that I belonged to the super-groupie-troupe. Wow.

Jez, such a LONG time ago and now we´ll meet again? Weird.

I might even take his class! Why not? For old times sakes.
Hahaha, maybe this time I will be thrown out of the class?


Camilla said...

Tonkins! Richmond! Det var ett tag sedan. Säg hej till dem från mig!

mojo said...

Faces from the past, eh?
Det ska jag! :)