I LOVE you but I will CRUSH you!

So hows the running going?
Ey Ladies?

This morning I was fighting my own leg's, it SUCKS... but hey ... sometimes true love is all about pushing through!

To remain within your comfort zone is an option but don't then hope to rise to great heights.
The successful path is rarely the easiest or most comfortable: to evolve is always difficult. Life involves lots of risk-taking and it will always be a succession of challenges, but don't be afraid to lose!
It's only by tasting the bitterness of your mistakes that you will enjoy the sweetness of your achievements!

Looking forward to another full on day with a fab visitor from London, some BodyPump and the midnight train to Malmö and perhaps some HOUSE al night long...



p3te* said...

...Aren't the guys like, totally winning right now?


Jo said...

Cause the girls are hiding there miles ;)

Smart - as always ;)