Me and my...


wish you a HAPPY EASTER from the middle on nowhere that I call HOME!

Isn't it funny ... I love coming home and long to do just NOTHING but it takes me soo long to cool down and SLOW down! :)

After a full on Thursday in GBG with the lovelly M:P (who's one of Londons hottest personal trainers) and Mo + company in the sun, facial, haricut, classes and more I took the train to Malmö where I meet up with Anna Key to shake some bootey.

Just of the train I meet my old roomie from Venice Beach. He is a surfer/climber/architect and one of the most chilled out people I know :) And just like that he decided to join us ... the dancefloor wasn't safe ;)

Friday - should have sleept till noon the least but wooke up bright and early 7am (after 2hours of sleep)!

Now I am waiting for the Andersson Chicks to gather for Easter! Talk about witch craft :)

I might be slowed down by sunday ... and then it's on again Monday teaching BodyPump at FORUM, Malmö with miss Key!

Have a colourfull one darlings


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with your host, Alana da Silva said...

hey you! i have met these chicks, recently actually! i took some video of them in the bird market here in Jogjakarta! CRAZY! ha ha ha... i hope all is well with you, halsningar from jenny and i in Indonesia! kram