FIBO, day 3 - business and bye bye


I missed the JUKARI, Fit to Fly -launch on Thursday night, because I chose to usher the team back to the hotel instead, after a looong day. From what I heard I missed a spectacular circus show (with real circus artists one should hope, since Jukari is the product of a collaboration between Reebok & Cirque du Soleil), but not one single person at the launch (and there were only VIP-industry people there) could see the meaning of it or the functionality of it in a real, existing club.
I discussed it with a collegue the next day:
My questions concerning JUKARI, are: How much did it cost to develop? Who is the product for? How many of the world´s fitness clubs have got the room (read:ceiling height) to actually start the program? WHO will teach it? Retired circus artists? I know several. Not.

...and why, oh why didn´t Reebok pour all that money into making wearable shoes and goodlooking clothes instead???

Activio did so well this year. It´s a delight representing a Swedish company at FIBO - especially when the product is so GREAT! The feedback solution system got a lot of attention over the last few days - which it should.
This is the 3rd year that the company is presenting at the expo - and my 3rd year as the team manager for Activio. Having followed the twins from their early days, I have to say: Great job, Tom & Daniel, you go from strength to strength!

Lucky for me, I had (for once!) realized my own limits beforehand and rationalized myself out of the expo 1 day early... Let´s just say that Putte would not have stood for another day. He seemed a bit cranky at the end of day 3...
I was quite shattered when I arrived back in Gothenburg around 22.00 Saturday night, but very, very happy about what the last few days had brought for my client.

Go Sweden, go!

Getting better and more goodlooking each year...
Talking about the Activio booth, folks...

...but I have to say that it also goes for the TEAM!
Damn, you did a wonderful job, guys! Susanne, Åse, Sofia, Mari, Per, Malin, Linda, Magnus, Andreas - THANK YOU so much!

Benny - former collegue and Urs, my former boss during the early days at Schwinn...
Plus me, wearing size XL in shorts AND jersey. Never has the Activio logo-man looked more happy on my belly...

Paco - Poster Boy of Keiser indoor biking and a wonderfully nice person

Ok, more "news"...Computerized training, screens and entertainment could still be seen everywhere...but do they really sell that well??? The answer? No.

Doing cable work on a wobbly board, anyone?
Do heavier weights and more crosstraining instead, I´d say.

Feel the anti-gravity. In a machine not too different from something you would find in a fairground. Again, have I seen it in any facility anywhere in the world? Er...no.

...and in today´s category of Why, oh why....
Well, you can judge for yourselves...


Helena said...

Heja Activio! Den ENDA anledningen till att träna spinning över huvudtaget.... :)
KRAM söta du - du skiner som vanligt!

mojo said...

Visst är det härligt?
TACK, men jag kan ärligt säga att jag var ganska "rökt" idag... :)

Massa kramar

Cizzi said...

Vilka härliga bilder =) Har precis kommit hem från ett morgonpass och sitter i min sköna Activio-tröja =) Vad stor magen har blivit nu! När är det dags?

mojo said...

Hej Cizzi!
Visst är den go´?
Rund som en fotboll och putar rakt ut!

Jag är i vecka 31 nu...9 veckor kvar...PHU!