R u waiting for the RIGHT time?

Isn't it amazing that you can get so much energy from actually using so much energy?!

Joined M&M Tour yesterday and it was FULL ON!
Functional Moves - Full body workout Mango style
Spinning - Mo rocked the bike and so did bebbe
Lunch - yummey! I can't believe it's organic butter - yum yum!
Lecture - Why we should eat the organic butter, not only does it taste better, it......
Core - Just the way i like it - He's my man M!
Athletic - Challenge oj oj oj Good thing I had a fierce partner!
YOGA - Mmmmmm

After this full on day I was inspired by Krulls marängswiss and decided to treat myself some of that... the only thing is that I DON'T have a VISP! So it took me 40min to whip the cream.......

But as we say: Den som väntar på något gott... ;)

Today is the beginning of EASTER - I can feel it! My apartment is full of flowers and bright sunshine!

I am full of energy from yesterday although I should have trouble even walking :)

So I am thinking that we should do something like this in class tonight, what do you think?

Don't wait for the right time. The right time is an illusion where we imagine everything will be perfect. I don't wait for the right time anymore, I just react to whatever comes along. The right time is just about taking opportunities - join me!


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