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For anyone trying to call or sms me this weekend: If I take ages to get back to you, it´s because my old Nokia has finally broken down and I´m borrowing P´s iPhone... My NEW Nokia has been handed in for service, since it:

- shut itself off
- let the screen go black for no apparent reason
- would shut down calls - in the middle of answering, or in the midst of a call
- would not start the camera until the second try-EVER
- would RANDOMLY change the date whenever I chose to turn the phone off
- would store all my sms´s in it´s own, not very logical at all, order...
(when I got to the last point of a very loooong list of complaints, the guy in the Telenor shop looked at me with sympathy and went: "I guess you´re not TOO happy with this phone, right?"
You got that one right, mate.)

So, learning a completely new system and not being bothered to download the program I need to transfer all my SIM-contacts to the phone... Give me a day or so to get back to you?


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