Scar tissue


Bump after a 3k run in week 30

The Bump, P and I went for an afternoon run after having coffee and ice cream and lunch in the sun all day. P said that people we met in the forest were glaring at him accusingly, as if he had forced his highly pregnant wife out for a torturous run... Defensively after 2.5k he said to no-one in particular: "...she dragged ME along!..."

Running is an adventure these days. My slow, low jog is not fast but a lot of fun. The only thing bothering me (except from the desperately having to pee-issue) is my old appendix scar.
The scar tissue beneath it is stuck to my ever expanding abdominal wall - a feeling very much like if someone had actually sewn the inside of my skin to muscle and bone a few layers down and now movement gets it to stretch - unwillingly...

So, without fail, about 5-10minutes into a run I will have an excruciating pain in my right side. Like a severe stitch, times 1.000!

It really hurts like hell for about 5min+ and then normally it goes away, like it never happened.
During those 5min I´m not a good role model for exercising whilst pregnant. My face is all scrunched up, I´m running (staggering) sort of half bent over and I probably look as if I´m on my way into labour.... Hence why I´m hiding away in the forest these days during my runs... :)

Appendix scar anno 1989


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