Good Cop Bad Cop


Good and bad things with today,

1. Had top notch meeting with new business partner+lawyer. All to hush-hush to talk about yet, but I´ll be back to you all with more info at the end of the summer.
2. Received painful, but oh, so good OPEN-treatment by P.
3. Finished great new book by Marian Keyes "This Charming Man". Yes, am a sucker for this type of "chic-lit". One of few genres that can distract me. Unless someone gets murdered in the first chapter, I normally loose focus after 20 pages... Or as I debated with P this evening (who´s a fan of most Nobel prize, come Pulitzer prize winners), "Name ONE Nobel Prize winner who has sold more books than Steven King?!" I rest my case...)

1. Not being able to go for a run, because a) felt too front-heavy, one of those days when Bebbo has decided that pushing out towards my navel and downward is the only way to go... and b) because I had a treatment (no exercising allowed afterwards).
2. Finding out that the apartment I wanted to look at was on the 2nd floor without an elevator. (An absolute NO-NO for future life with Bebbo) And the apartment that I DID look at was kinda dark and needed a lot of love, probably too much love considering the price tag...
3. Being called "REALLY FAT" ("Nu är du allt RIKTIGT TJOCK!") by a female neighbour whom I hardly know. My hormones were rushing. Had to bite lower lip not to yell: "Yeah! Unlike YOU, you skanky ho´..."
Yes, I know...very childish, immature and foul-mouthed. But managed to hold my true thoughts back and rose above it. Somehow.


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susanita said...

din granne lever farligt, ha,ha,ha.
Sorry, men det är så galet, kan se hela "scenariot" framförmig.

O jag är grymt imponerad att du kan köra yogan så som du gör.
Jag tycker "skulderstående" är tillräcklig utmaning för mig i v. 28 (gravidyoga, inget mer avancerat än så)

Ha en skön helg!