Tan me up


Just came back from trying the manual sun-spraying at Mazi.

I´ve tried the sun-spraying-shower-machine-thingie before and almost had a claustrophobic attack - I´ve tried D.I.Y sun-spraying (not a bad result, but even being a yogi - how on earth do you get your back an even colour???) - I´ve gone off sunbeds completely, they give you wrinkles and feel dirty-in a bad way - and finally, it´s too long until I´m able to suntan in the normal sun, given that I´m pregnant (I get discoloured pigmentation just by looking at the sun these days....).

I was recommended Anna, by mutual friends, but since she unfortunately wasn´t working until Thursday and I desperately needed some colour before tomorrow, I booked an appointment with Mieke instead.

She was lovely and took good care of me and my body. I now sport a more golden colour already-(final result to be had within the next couple of hours...)

350 SEK for an instant tan without wrinkles? Yes please!
Comes highly recommended.


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