Next stop, Germany


Tomorrow we´re heading off to FIBO-Europe´s largest fitness fair, with thousands and thousands of visitors in 4 days. This will be my 10th time or so at this love-hate expo.
ALL the big manufacturers are represented and if you are in the industry working with any kind of equipment, you HAVE to be there. I´m consulting for Activio, which means that I´m in charge of the shows that happen in their booth during the fair.

Hall 3 booth D18 - promise you´ll come and see us if you are visiting!

I´ve hand-picked a Swedish team that will fly down to Düsseldorf with me tomorrow and stay on the bikes for 4 days. Well, not 4 days in a row, but approx. 10min 5-6 times a day - EVERY day.
This requires a team which is not only physically strong, but also high-spirited and easygoing. On day 3 and 4, when the going gets tough, the last thing you want is 1 or 2 people who start to fade, nag and drag the rest of the group down. I think this year´s team will nail the positive spirit right on, they are a wonderful bunch of guys and gals who will be there for each other and lift each other up when needed.

The main team is also divided into 2 smaller teams, as they will help with answering questions in the booth during certain alocated times (in English, Swedish, German and even Russian sometimes...:)). Team I: "Golden Hits"(because they are old) and Team II: "Tyskblöjtechno"(because they hate tyskblöjtechno)...
yes, I know, I´m sick.

The rest of the day is spent preparing for tomorrow.
Picking up my new business cards, having a "sun shower", doing some light yoga, preparing music and packing...


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