.... but it was so worth it :)

Yesterday was an amazing day!
Even though I was full of SLEM (i.e. sick) I had a great time teaching the Yin and Yang workshop at Yogabuddhi :)

Started out in the studio with some dynamic moves with the kettlebelle and then moved outside in the marvellous weather! It was FULL ON :) The contestants, oh sorry, YOGIS, were real fighters and pushed it real good! The session ended in a slow hip opening flow mmm.
After some yummy organic lunch we started all over again, this time with organic moves, in contrast to the muscular energy we worked with in the morning. The flow escalated into ecstatic dance and downhill was a slow flow focusing on the spine.

Thank you my super troupers! Well done!
Since I always get way to caught up in what I do I never seem to get any pictures from my events (note to self: Improve photo skills!!).

Today my voice is on another planet... wish I remembered where?!
Of to work now on some privates and then I was hoping to do some fika in the sun but right now it looks pretty grey... oh well sunshine from within right

If you can't make it fake it ;)

Have a lovely one dears


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